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Teledata Indonesia is ready to embrace future technologies while maintaining our legacy to provide a prime services to our customers
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Alcatel-Lucent provides a portfolio of business and service solutions
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The Voice Of The Future

Alcatel-Lucent provides a sense of security, service from start to finish, and business communication solutions that enable the emergence of a new business generation. Alcatel-Lucent provides a portfolio of business and service solutions that enable companies now to:

1. Improve IT network to have competitiveness,
2. Helps to gain profit and maintain good relationships with customers,
3. Empower Human Resources to improve productivity.
IP Telephony

Provide the basis for advanced communication app features with an IP infrastructure that suits your needs

Security Solutions

Protect your network and users with Alcatel-Lucent portfolio that provides start-to-finish solutions and dedicated services from our experienced consultants

Contact Center

Improve customer satisfaction with self-service services and multimedia contact center solutions that offer seamless integration with existing architecture and CRM applications.

Network Management Software

Maximize the value of your IT portfolio and technology-leading investment with VitalQIP® and VitalSuite® Software Performance Management.

Be Connected. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

We have sophisticated solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in entering the latest Business Generation and professional service portfolio thoroughly.

Share & Connect

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Group represents the talents and abilities of 5000 people on six continents.

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Function based on network-integrated system management

High Durable

Deliver a higher ROI than ever before

High and Modern Technology

Optimize communications, maximize productivity and reduce costs with our full range of IP telephony products

Real Time Voice

Provide real-time voice, video and conferencing across the enterprise network


Integrate with collaboration tools such as instant messaging, email and desktop sharing


Pass conversations seamlessly between fixed and mobile devices