Nexans Cable

Customized cable solutions for reliable and efficient mining operations

To meet the extraction, loading and transport challenges of today’s mining companies, Nexans has developed POWERMINEâ„¢, a broad range of cables and cabling solutions for both underground and open cast sites.

Mining equipment is considered mature in terms of design and innovation. Therefore, any improvements rely on research and development of new materials and advanced sensing, control, and computer techniques. Innovations in technology have typically sought to achieve gains in productivity or worker safety.

The dangers of underground mining prompted underground machinery designers to develop remote controlled and automated mining systems. These systems reduce production costs, increase productivity, and increase worker safety.

Nexans manufactures, supplies, and installs manifold cable designs which are adapted to various mining conditions and which have been proved in practical operations.

Nexans for operational excellence and safety

  • Reliable, customized cable solutions to increase economic efficiency
  • Built-in safety to handle short-circuit, fire, abrasion, impact, crush/breakage
  • Designs for long free hanging installations, extended links, and tough conditions
  • High flexibility for the very mobile mining environment, underground and open cast
  • Technical support for system engineering, fast-delivery, installation and problem-solving
  • Pre-terminated sets, harnessing, splicing, onsite-repairs and maintenance

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